Restaurant Equipment Servicing
We Keep Your Kitchen Cooking
Our mission is to provide our customers with unmatched service and system reliability at an exceptional value.  Our technicians have the skills and training to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients and industry.  We provide prompt on-site services to repair restaurant equipment, appliances, and commercial electrical systems.  We understand what is at stake when restaurants and food service businesses have malfunctioning food storage, food preparation, cooking, and serving equipment.

We are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure that your kitchen is able to operate safely and efficiently 100% of the time.  We offer one-time service calls for repairs and regular scheduled maintenance in the form of service contracts.  Our rates are extremely competitive and no job is too small. 
Mechanical Services
Exhaust Fans:
  • Belt Replacements
  • Complete Unit Change Outs
  • Motor Change-Outs
  • Filter Maintenance

Electrical Control Systems:

  • Energy Maintenance Systems & Start-Ups
  • Custom Electrical Control Packages
  • Troubleshooting
  • Core Fire Systems Start-Ups

Other Services:

  • Emergency Services
  • System Design
  • Custom Installs
  • Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Kitchen Equipment, Fire Suppression Interlocks, Shunt Trip Breakers

Did you know that 50% of all warranty service problems are due to installation problems?  Let us install your equipment and ensure that it is installed correctly and operates efficiently from the start.  We install your equipment, calibrate it, and complete performance checks all at the same time.  Avoid costly delays in using your new equipment and ensure that it operates just as the manufacturer promised it would. 

Preventative Maintenance Agreements:

A Service Agreement with 615 Electric is the most economical and effective way of ensuring your equipment is properly maintained and serviced according to the manufacturer's recommendations.  A properly administered service program will improve your equipment's efficiency and extend the over all life of your equipment.  Our service technicians are skilled at determining your specific needs and will customize a service program that is tailored to service your kitchen.  Our Service Agreements vary by the frequency at which we perform our servicing and inspection visits and may include parts and labor or can include servicing and inspections only. 

Our service rates are determined by the amount, type of equipment in your facility, and by the usage expected.  As part of our service agreement, we will conduct complementary in-service training for your staff as needed if it becomes apparent that such training can lead to less abuse and proper care of your equipment by your staff. 

You become a preferred customer.  Immediately after accepting any service contract agreement, all of the equipment/specifications of your system are documented and your establishment is officially placed in our System of Preferred Customers.  This means we have a record of all of the parts needed to fix any part of your system which saves your money and downtime in the long run.  Your account will also be given priority status and you will be serviced first before all of our non-contract customers. 

Contact Information

To obtain information on a service agreement or to schedule a service call please call us at (615) 299-5801 or fill out & submit this contact form. 

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